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Our interview with the stunning black beauty who has captured our heart since Miss Universe 2012, Ruqayyah Boyer, now to represent Guyana at the upcoming Miss World 2013 to be held in Indonesia. Check out the full interview after the jump!


•  Full name : Ruqqayah Boyer
•  Birth date : 28th April
•  Age : 23
•  Height : 175 cm
•  Hometown : Linden, Guyana
•  Fave Movie :  La vita e' Bella (Life is Beautiful). It is an old Italian film where a father made the ultimate sacrifice for his son, I am in tears every time I look at the film.
•  Fave Song :  That's a tough choice for me because I love music in it's entirety at this point however i will say "Could You Be Loved" by Bob Marley
•  Fave Actor/Actress : Leonardo do Caprio and Johnny Depp
•  Fave Musician : To name a few Bob Marley, Nina Simone, Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill, Celine Deon and all the classics :)
•  Fave Book : The Secret
•  Fave Quote : 'Love the life you live, live the life you love.'

1. Please tell us about yourself, your everyday life, and the city where you live! 
Originally I grew up in Linden, the second largest town in Guyana after Georgetown and the capitol of the Upper Demerara Berbice Region. For the purpose of work and University Studies I now reside in Georgetown but my home town of Linden will forever be home “the ultimate place of tranquility”. The town of Linden displays a rich culture and heritage with its museum, rockstone also known for the annual Rockstone Fish Festival, Christianburg Water Wheel and what Linden is known best for it “Bauxite”. I am someone who believes in the laws of attraction which simply says, “You attract into your life whatever you think about”. Having a dream does not only mean dreaming it, but one has to perceive that dream using all of our senses. Creating a vision board of that dream, believing it can happen and seeing achievement is attainable just at your hand reach….not forgetting to immerse hard work, faith and patience into the process :) I also believe in the social support of family, the foundation that helps in creating the avenues for these dreams. Stemming from a multi cultural back ground I was fortunate to learn from a tender age what it means to be embracing of differences and other cultural norms and customs and I am very thankful to my parents for making me grounded appreciating life and the value of time.
Professionally I work as a journalist; however I am in my third year pursuing a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Diplomacy at the Guyana University. It is my hope to do more advocacy work within the United Nations framework as an Ambassador for my country.
My everyday life outside of work, my studies, my charity works and the stage where I perform for shows from time to time, is utilized spending time with my family and close friends. Love is defined as the most important value in any relationship but it is “time” which is important as it is not the quantity of time but the quality of time spent with those closest to us. Therefore, I make all efforts in the quality of time with the foundation I was thought making time memorable with those around me.

2. What hobby or activities you usually do in your spare time?
I enjoy several activities, apart from working on my Hope Phoenix foundation, CADVA ( Caribbean American Domestic Violence Awareness group) and my role as the public relations officer of the Caribbean youth environment network - Guyana, i enjoy horseback riding, sports, reading, the performing arts ( music, poetry, dance, Broadway), most recently I've taken a liking to golf.

3. What is the biggest dream or ambition in your life? 
:) Other than being the next Miss World? :) :) :) I would say working with the United Nations framework as an Ambassador for change, advocating for issues that need to be addressed in my country and the world at large. I do have secret fancies of becoming an actress or a singer as well :) But we will all see how that goes.

4. Who or what is the biggest inspiration in your life? 
My greatest inspiration in life is LIFE it self! Everything about the world we live in lends itself as a beacon of hope to me when I am in my moments of despair. The sound of a baby oows and awes, an old couple holding hands in the park, a group of children sitting in a classroom playing chess, the sounds of piano chords or even a raindrop silently hitting against the window could create that inspiration one looks for. I believe inspiration can come from the strangest of things and in a nut shell it’s all about your perception.

5. What is your signature style in fashion? Can you describe it for us? 
I love to dress up in long flowing dresses with hats and then other times I'd go for a more modern look with a touch of eccentricity creating my own identity with an original flare.

6. What makes you interested to join the national pageant for Miss World in your country? 
Miss World embodies just about everything that I would love to represent. The beauty with a purpose cause which raises funds for millions of disadvantaged children and persons around the world to grant assistance in some way is a mission I have been for advocating for in my own small way in Guyana, it is the most fulfilling thing for me to make a lasting contribution for my country men and women and the Miss World pageant is granting me the opportunity to build on a global network and expand the reach of my cause to others that may need my help worldwide.

7. When you first joined the pageant have you had feeling that you would eventually win the whole thing? 
Everyone joins a contest with the hope of winning. The thing is I look at any contest in abstract. I believe at the end of the day each person takes away something that can benefit and improve their lives and that in itself makes us all winners. I am honored that I have been granted this opportunity.

8. In your opinion, what makes Miss World pageant different from the other pageants? 
Miss World is a contest with a vision that encompasses a cause which transcends boundaries or any personal glory. It encourages the growth of women in all forums be it fitness, talent, runway skills or interviews. It is the pageant that prepares every young woman for the real world and at the end of the day even if she does not win she walks away with a wealth of knowledge rich in cultural experiences with the many other women she will encounter.

9. What do you look forward the most from Indonesia as the host of Miss World 2013? 
I plan to embrace the entire journey with open arms and allow the world to see the woman that I am within-a woman of substance. I am excited about being a part of a new culture, new cuisine, new architecture and of course meeting with other sisters from around the world. Nothing beats sharing space with a melting pot of cultures. It's like you'll be going on a world tour in the space of one month, so I'm super excited.

10. With only less than a month to go, what is your preparation for the upcoming Miss World 2013 competition? 
As you already mentioned it was a very short period of time to get prepared for the Miss World 2013. I am doing all the preparations especially when it comes to my physical appearance. I also need to get prepared psychologically since I know that it is going to be a big challenge for me.

11. From all the Fast Tracks / Challenge Events in Miss World 2013, which one do you think you will excel the most and why? 
I hope I am able to excel in all especially the beauty with a purpose which I worked really hard on because that's the segment I want to make a lasting impression on apart from this I'm very excited about talent and top model.

12. From all 62 past Miss World winners, which one is your favorite winner and why?
I must confess that I am not up to date with all of the past winners of 62 years however over the past decade of queens I believe each of them made a tremendous contribution to the Miss World organization and as such my admiration lies with that legacy of queen ship.

13. In your opinion, which one is more important for development of a country, natural resources or human resources, and why? 
I believe both are equally important but unfortunately due to Climate Change humanity has begun to “exhaust the earth’s natural resources”. August 20th was noted as “Earth Overshoot Day-the day when use of the planet’s resources outstrips supply”. According to Global Footprint Network, “our planet cannot regenerate its resources at the speed at which humanity is using them”. Therefore, this is causing Climate Change where researcher Johan Rockstrom stated, “Humanity has already severely overstepped the planet’s natural boundaries” and “To continue to live and operate safely, humanity has to stay away from critical hard wired thresholds in the earth’s environment, and respect the nature of the planet’s climatic, geophysical, atmospheric and ecological processes”. Rockstrom is correct but humanity will argue this because of their greed to produce man made resources. It's like an Eco system, one thing needs the other to thrive, and they need the influence of each other.

14. Last but not least, what is your message for all your fans in Indonesia? 
Saya suka orang-orang Indonesia, saya belum melihat mereka belum dan saya sudah merasa disambut dan sangat banyak di rumah. saya menganggap mereka keluarga saya dan tidak bisa menunggu untuk melihat mereka. kata-kata tidak bisa mengungkapkan betapa saya telah jatuh cinta dengan negara ini dan rakyatnya. satu cinta dari lubuk hati saya dan terima kasih atas dukungan abadi Anda !!!

Special thanks to Ruqayyah for the amazing interview. We love it so much! Good luck and see you in Indonesia!

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  1. Be the best you can be Ruq... I am proud of you.

  2. I am suitably impressed, this is a very articulate and intelligent interview, you are one othe first to represent Guyana in that regard. Beauty and Brains, a lethal combination, good luck.


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