Saturday, June 15, 2013

Miss USA is and will always be one of the most interesting national pageant to follow each year. As the originator and a powerhouse nation at Miss Universe, the winner of the pageant is always expected to set the bar for its sister international Grand Slam pageant. It is never easy to make a prediction for Miss USA, especially this year when the "power-that-be" has teased that there will be major surprise during the final night that may drastically change the outcome of the pageant. Regardless, we still try to make our prediction to guess which ladies will get lucky in Vegas this year. And not only that, we also boldly predict, a certain famous curse will also be broken this year. So without further ado, here are our hot faves for Miss USA 2013!

Top 16
(in ranking order)

1. Alabama
2. Utah
3. Maryland
4. Texas
5. New Jersey

6. Minnesota
7. South Carolina
8. Florida
9. Colorado
10. Kentucky

11. Michigan
12. Virginia
13. Hawaii
14. Arizona
15. North Carolina
16. Delaware

One more day to go and we will finally find out the one destinied to become the next Miss USA winner.  Who will that be? Just wait and see ...

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